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We hate WCF rules so this is our rebellion. ._.
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 Forum Rules and Guidelines

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PostSubject: Forum Rules and Guidelines   Mon Jun 29, 2015 7:11 pm

Right. So. This will be a little less strict than the Warriors Forums, like we promised, but we can't have total anarchy, yo. If something isn't clear to you or you'd like to question a certain scenario, Lost, Red, and I will try our hardest to answer your question. Good? Good.

Rules 'n Stuff

  • No Sexual Content: This one is kind of a given. Loosened rules or not, no one really wants to see you doing the do with another character. This applies to art, writing, chatting, and roleplaying. If you really must bump the romance up from...I don't know, kissing and stuff, just take it to PM or to some other place where no one can see it. Nasty. Such maturity

  • Remember Your Basic Internet Safety: Most of you should be old enough to understand that the internet can be a scary place. Please refrain from posting detailed personal info on this website. Things You Can Share: Account names from other sites, First Name, Age, Gender. Stuff You Probably Shouldn't Share: Whole name, address, pictures of you, things like that. to Shintaro's Internet Safety Rules

  • Cyberbullying, Flaming, Trolling, and Harassment is a Federal Crime: Don't want to go to jail? Play nice with one another. You don't know what another person may be going through on the other side of the screen. Your words affect them. Think before you speak.

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Forum Rules and Guidelines
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